When you’re young…

When you’re young, you have forever to build yourself into the person you want to be. When you hit middle age, you realize forever is about half gone. Maybe you’re on target (whatever that target happens to look like for you), or maybe you’re behind and need to play some catch-up.

In the weeks approaching my 40th birthday, I contemplated the traits I was proud of, and those I wasn’t. I remembered the times I had impressed myself, and the times I had disappointed myself.

In short, I took inventory.

I compared who I am with who I was hoping to be at this point in my life, and started thinking about how to fill the gaps between the real me and the idealized me.

Then I got to thinking: I’m not the only one to turn 40 and feel behind the curve in some areas. So why not build a space where I can share my ideas, collect ideas from others, and we can all encourage each other to be who we want?

what this is

The purpose of this site is to encourage those habits that help build the identity you want. 

This is a place to share ideas. Apply the ideas that make sense to you, and leave behind the ones that aren't in line with your own goals. Some will be unique to the person who wrote it, and some will find universal appeal. Take what you will, but respect what you won’t.

What this is not

This is not a tutorial.

This is not an instruction manual about how to be the best you; only you know what works for you.

This is not about being a middle-aged Boy Scout, a saint, a model citizen, a superhero, or a perfect human being — unless you want to be those things, in which case, yes, it is exactly about that.

who i am

I’m not an expert in the psychology of motivation or success, but I can recommend some books on the topic.

I’m not a life coach, but I have some ideas on how to keep better control over your own life.

I’m not a guru on enlightenment, Zen, karma, Socrates, or the meaning of life, but I do have some principles that guide these ideas.

I’m just a normal guy who wants to be the best normal guy I can, and help other normal guys do the same.

And I’d like to hear from you.