The man I prefer to be doesn’t have preventable health problems

Sometimes you’re unhealthy for genetic reasons. Sometimes you develop a health problem that just comes from circumstances beyond your control or bad luck.

Other cracks in your foundation will come from age. Sooner or later, your eyes will start to go. You’ll need reading glasses at some point. Ask your mom how to pick out a good pair. She knows; she probably has a coupon, too.

At one point, you’ll go to your doctor with a complaint, and instead of writing a prescription, he’ll shrug and say, “Yes, that happens. That’s part of your life now. You’ll get used to it.”

bad things that are avoidable

But other problems are preventable: You know poor diet causes diabetes. You know not flossing causes gingivitis. You know just about any activity that isn’t exercise causes obesity. You know sneaking up behind a gorilla and flicking at its ear causes death — instant, guaranteed, tonight’s-top-story death.

So why would you invite poor health through poor decisions when there’s already enough poor health waiting patiently for you down the line?

Sooner or later, health problems will sneak up on everybody, no matter how much kale they eat, how many sit-ups they do, how good their company’s health plan is, or how well they heed their safari guide’s instructions.

But some things are preventable. And how tragic would it be if that word were to apply to my final diagnosis?


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