The man I prefer to be squeezes exercises into those spare minutes

I’m ready to leave for work earlier than expected. Or, my wife has decided to take our son to preschool today, leaving me with 30 extra minutes. Or, she’s upstairs getting ready to leave for dinner, and I’m downstairs waiting for her with my shoes on.

I could take out my phone and flip through it, seeing if anyone’s posted anything ground-breaking or interesting in the past 10 minutes.

Or I could do the exercise I say I don’t have time to do.

Anything is better than nothing, and anything that doesn’t break a sweat when you’re dressed and ready to leave is ideal. Pushups and planks require nothing more than a floor (preferably away from curious dogs) and a couple minutes of uninterrupted time. Kettle bells require exactly the same thing, plus some kettle bells. They build and tone muscle, in much the way mindlessly scanning my phone destroys brain cells.

The man I prefer to be has more muscle AND more brain cells. Those minutes when you have nothing to do is the perfect place to take care of both.

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