This site is about any area of your life that could use improvement. And even though nobody’s life is perfect, everybody has at least something they can offer in the form of advice or personal experience that can be useful to others. This site is not intended to be a place for one person to dole out wisdom like the Dalai Lama of the internet; it was created as a place where visitors can share the insights that make their lives work and the plans they hope to implement.


How do you avoid interruptions? How do you plan ahead to make the best use of your minutes?


How do you keep your relationship with your partner strong? How do you handle disagreements? What do you wish someone had told you 10 years ago?


What kind of father do you want to be? What do you hope your children remember about their upbringing when they have children of their own?


How do you want to manage your priorities? What can you do to avoid spending time on things that don’t matter?


How do you keep your brain fresh? What have you always wanted to learn? What information should a man know? What skills should you have developed by now that you haven’t gotten around to?


How do you save money? How do you avoid overspending? What do you do that brings more money in and keeps it in your account?


What’s your secret to success at work? How do you avoid office politics? How could you use office politics to your advantage?


How do you maintain control over your life? How do you prevent surprises from pulling you off course?


How do you show respect to others? What do you do that would cause them to respect you, and what do others do that elicits your respect? What actions cause you to most respect yourself?