Ideas everywhere

Find room for improvement every day:

  • What did you do today that you were proud of and believe you should do often?

  • What situation do you feel you should have handled differently?

  • What is one observation you made about somebody doing something you feel would reflect poorly on you if you did it?

  • What is one thing somebody you respect does?

  • What is something people do that you find foolish, inconsiderate, or annoying?

  • What would you like your children to do just like you?

  • What do you hope your children will do differently from you?

Who are your everyday role models?

Find people to emulate in different domains. You don't need to choose one role model for your entire identity. 

If your father was a failed businessman but a devoted parent, which aspects of his parenting are ones you'll want to share with your own kids? And what can you learn from his business failings?

Strength in word choice

Use action words, not passive words. Instead of “The man I prefer to be is brave,” what specific actions would a brave man exhibit? “The man I prefer to be will step in to help someone who is being attacked” is better.